2018 Planners and Calendars by Tools4Wisdom

Benefits of a Tools4Wisdom Planner

Tools4Wisdom Planner Keeps You Motivated...

... Even When Life Gets in the Way

The Secret?

While Traditional Planners Automatically Put You in “Reaction Mode”… a Tools4Wisdom Planner Shifts Your Focus from Reacting to Taking Action, Empowering You to Create the Life You Want with Clarifying Steps that Reveal Your Personalized Step By Step Success Plan…
So the Only Thing Standing Between You & Rapidly Achieving the Goals that Create a Life You Love, is The Continual Motivation Required to Take Tiny, Meaningful Steps that Lead to Huge Success
  • REDUCE ACHIEVERS OVERWHELM - Simply Break Down Yearly Goals, Monthly Goals, Weekly Goals, Daily Goals, and Priorities into Simple, Manageable Micro-Steps, Then Achieve Your Goals By Placing One Foot in Front of the Other
  • CREATE YOUR LIFE ONE STEP AT A TIME – Goals seem to far fetched to achieve? The more you break goals into micro-steps, the easier you’ll find it to take action. So go ahead, dream those big, juicy dreams, then break them down into delicious, easily swallowed chunks to move yourself across a new finish line towards your goals every single day.
  • LIFE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE – If you’re tired of life happening to you, and you’re ready to make life happen, then Tools4Wisdom planner is precisely what you need! When you stop reacting to what’s happening, and start planning your life purposefully, you gain new focus and clarity on what matters most, making it easier than ever to prioritize what really matters, because when you PLAN FOR EVERYTHING, YOU CAN PLAN MORE TIME FOR THE THINGS YOU LOVE
  • Bookmark makes wasting time finding the right spot a thing of the past
  • Sturdy metal spirals and thick, premium paper keep everything neat and tidy
  • Solid tabs make it easy to flip back and forth between monthly and weekly goals
  • Stickers add a fun, motivating twist to your daily, weekly and monthly planning sessions
  • Clarifying Questions help you stop worrying about what everyone else wants from you and gain crystal-clarity on what you truly want!
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning sections make staying on task, laser focused, and planning in “me time” easier than ever before.


Monthly Essential Goals Section – Staying focused isn’t a talent, it’s a choice. By providing space to determine your 5 Monthly Goals, breaking each takes to achieve those goals down into bite size chunks, then determining “Why” it’s important so you stay motivated leaves you with only one thing – taking action by checking off the boxes and putting one foot in front of the other!
Top Priorities – Helps you keep urgent, important personal and work priorities at the forefront of your mind.
High Value Priorities – Helps you keep non-urgent, yet important personal and work priorities on the back burner so you know how to invest any extra time.
Notes & Other Priorities – Clears up mental space to think about your top and high value priorities while helping you stop forgetting about the goals, ideas, and dreams you’re not quite ready to map into steps - so you can return, review, and plan your success when the times right!