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25th Hour VIP Club

You are on a non-public / highly-exclusive  / invitation-only page that our small, yet passionate team at Tools4Wisdom shares with VIP customers and influencers whose contributions are so essential that we could not resist, but invite you to join !  =)

In a nutshell:
- Upon signing up via the URL below, you will be added to our special VIP list for premium planner samples for pre-product launch reviews
- If interested, you can also help our planners evolve by sharing ideas, suggestions, or joining a focus group. As VIP, you receive maximum attention.

Our promise:
You will receive only quality product review sample invitations and zero spam. You have my word that I will only send what my best friends and family would enjoy receiving as well…

Upgrade To VIP Here:
Please follow the below URL to the simple enrollment form: https://tools4wisdom.wufoo.com/forms/25th-hour-club

- We understand that sharing this link with friends is the next logical step as soon as a new VIP gets excited about this amazing opportunity... we've been there :)
- However, we filter VIP contacts from our internal VIP invitation list before sharing high-value opportunities. 
- Hence, if you have a recommendation of a qualified VIP candidate, please share with us per email whom you refer (name&email) and why to consider. 
- Our team will reply as soon as possible with a Y/N update so that you can email your friend to register at this page.

We can't wait to send you the premium goodies =)

Until soon...

Laszlo & Your Tools4Wisdom Customer Delight Team