Covid19 Response - with KN95

In response to the extraordinary challenges of the coronavirus, Tools4Wisdom has launched 3x new efforts to help our customers:

Tools4Wisdom has implemented 3x efforts in response to the Covid19 Situation:

First, we temporarily reduced all April planners by 40% Off their original price

40% Off on New April 2020-2021 Planners
• In order to help customers who may be restricted to their homes and possibly financially impacted, we have reduced prices on new April 2020 - June 2021 planners on our website:

$44.45 Original Price
(-) $6.48 Price Drop
(-) 30% Off Coupon (code: 30Birdy)
= $26.58 Final Price
= 40% Off Original Price

• Please enter code 30Birdy at checkout to apply the additional 30% off discount.


Second, earn up to 30% on commissions by referring Tools4Wisdom:

Sign up for Tools4Wisdom's new affiliate program and earn 30% commission on your first 10 planners sold and 20% commission for every planner sold after the first 10 units.
• Structure: 20% commission + 50% bonus on first 10 orders = 30% commission
• All sales are tracked through your unique referral link
Tip: please bookmark your unique referral link for quick access
• Earned commissions are automatically paid to your PayPal account at the end of each 30-day period.
• Click here to complete the 2-minute enrollment process


Third, we will start offering KN95 masks in bulk at-cost / zero-profit to Tools4Wisdom customers:

• One of our suppliers has switched from producing planners to also producing KN95 masks (their global demand has skyrocketed)
• Tools4Wisdom will NOT make any profit from KN95 masks
• Instead, we intend to help our customers' communities by offering KN95 protective masks in bulk at zero-profit to us.
• To avoid re-sellers price-gauging, this offer is only meant for community distribution (i.e. via your township / mayor's office)

If you are interested to help your community by ordering KN95 masks in bulk – please fill out the enclosed Google Form here.

• Group Order Example: Box of 1000 units shipped directly to you. 
• Total = Manufacturer’s cost of 1000x KN95-masks + DHL shipping
• For transparency, we will fully disclose factory- and DHL shipment invoices with the order. 
• Current cost per KN95 mask = $1.68/unit
• Lead Time: end of April
• You will be eligible for a full refund until the day we finalize the factory order for all KN95 purchases.